ABG Advantage IRA

If you are no longer working for your previous employer, you should not have to change everything about how you invest your retirement savings.

ABG Advantage IRA features professional investment advice from ABG Consultants. Having a professional investment advisor associated with your account will offer many benefits.

The funds available in the ABG Advantage IRA are a select list of prescreened mutual funds that consistently meet stringent standards and criteria and are continually monitored by our investment advisors. The goal of ABG Advantage IRA is to bring you lower cost institutional share classes not readily available to retail investors. This is achieved by leveraging the collective buying power of multiple investors.

ABG Advantage IRA also provides:

  • No sales/trade commissions
  • Collection of revenue share dollars from the mutual fund companies will be reallocated to your account, lowering overall fees.
  • No minimum balance requirements

Investment Options Tailored To Your Needs

  • A professional to talk to and ask questions
  • Fund selection and monitoring
  • ABG Consultants has no proprietary relationships with fund companies providing you unbiased fund selection
  • Access to risk-based portfolios and quarterly rebalancing
  • Help with adjustments over time as your financial needs change
  • Help to rollover prior accounts and help with distributions from your new account
  • Help make retirement simple

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