7 ABGRM Sales Tools to Boost Your Sales

An Interview with top sales personnel Fran Mulgrew, Jeff Zobell, and Shawn Oram.

Bob Burg said, "All things being equal, people will do business with and refer business to those people they know, like, and trust." While it may feel a little daunting, we hope that you will feel empowered knowing that you can control your interactions.

As your partner, we want to provide you with the tools you need to maximize your greatest asset- you.

ABG Rocky Mountain can provide you with a suite of solutions customized to fit your needs. Join the conversation with top ABGRM sales staff Fran Mulgrew, Jeff Zobell, and Shawn Oram as they describe how ABGRM’s solutions have helped financial advisors like you to land successful sales interactions and retain their current clientele.

Sales Tools:

1. Financial Wellness

Boost your employee benefits packages with access to BALANCE and Financial Finesse.

BALANCE is a free, confidential, financial education and counseling service for plan participants. Whether you are looking for a workable spending/savings plan, trying to get out of debt, hoping to improve your credit score or buying a home, BALANCE can help.

Financial Finesse is a suite of financial coaching resources created to improve employee planning and saving. Plan sponsors can see marked improvements in their employees’ financial health while receiving executable action items for areas needing improvement.

"We want your clients to save money for retirement. If they aren’t managing their finances, it makes it difficult. That is why we offer a few tools to help them. Balance is a free service that offers guidance dedicated to helping people balance life’s important decisions. Financial Finesse goes into a deeper dive to help empower people to change their financial lives by providing financial coaching and education. Employers love having these tools available for their employees and both Balance and Financial Finesse have been a great selling point for many of our advisors."

- Fran Mulgrew, Director of Business Development at ABGRM

Financial Finesse is not just a financial coaching resource. For an additional fee, employers will receive access to an individualized, online portal. This portal will contain data from Financial Finesse tracking their employees’ financial wellness progress.

To access BALANCE you can go to https://abgrm.balancepro.org and register for an account or you can call at 866.456.2227 and reference Alliance Benefit Group Rocky Mountain.

Ask your sales rep about Financial Finesse to learn more!

2. Mobile App

As Fran mentioned in our last blog post, we have mobile apps for plan participants and advisors. Advisors can utilize the app to access everything from their global funds and model portfolios to their plan dashboard with contribution and distribution summaries, participation rates and fund details.

Fran said, "Our participant mobile app is an efficient way for your clients to monitor their retirement account. They can make changes to their contributions, investments or account information with ease. Our advisors use our app to get participants enrolled into the plan which helps employers save time and money."

Download the advisor and participant mobile app today from the Google Playstore or the i0S App store.

3. Payroll Integration

Alleviate your plan sponsors’ workloads with payroll integration solution "EZ Link". With ABG EZ Link, we can gather more comprehensive and accurate reports directly from the payroll company. This will save your plan sponsors time and money.

"Having your client’s payroll integrate with their retirement plan not only saves them time and money, but it decreases errors and helps ensure compliance. ABG partners with leading payroll companies to deliver this solution with you. New clients are attracted to the efficiency, flow of information, and ease of plan operation, especially when using auto enrollment, auto escalate, and 3-16 administrative fiduciary services."

-Jeff Zobell, CEO of ABG Rocky Mountain

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4. Plan Checkpoint Report

Any advisor with a plan through us can receive plan checkpoint reports. Advisors can use the reports to discover and target higher need areas for their plans. They can then show their plan sponsors the annual improvement they have achieved.

"Plan checkpoint reports benchmarks plan health metrics such as average deferral rates, participation rates, income replacement and asset retention. Advisors can use the plan checkpoint report to articulate their value as these metrics improve over time."

-Shawn Oram, ABG Rocky Mountain President

Contact your CSM today to receive you plan checkpoint report!

5. Prospecting Lists

Are you ready to acquire new clients? We can send advisors like you lists with hundreds of prospects. Use the context provided to adjust your script and win them over to your clientele.

"Let us make prospecting easy for you, contact a member of our sales team to acquire a list of plans in your area. We can provide a comprehensive list of plans in your area that identifies their vulnerabilities so that you can market directly to them based on different red flags."

- Fran Mulgrew, Director of Business Development at ABGRM

We’ve watched several advisors use these lists, along with plan health reports, to win new business. Recently, one of our advisors won a $20M plan from one of the lists that we prepared. Let us make prospecting easy for you, contact a member of our sales team to acquire a list of plans in your area.

Contact your sales representative today to receive your prospecting list!

6. 3 Managed Accounts Solutions

Advisors, just because you can’t be with your plan participants 24/7, doesn’t mean they can’t receive on-demand individualized support. Bring customized allocations to each of your plan participants, based upon their age, risk tolerance, and outside assets using our managed accounts solutions.

Managed accounts are celebrated as the best of target date and risk plans. We offer 3 solutions from different vendors: Fidelity’s PAS-W, Stadion’s StoryLine, and ABG Managed Accounts.

"Managed Accounts are a great way to deliver a customized investment solution for your plan participant’s individual needs. These dynamic portfolios go way beyond just your retirement age. They consider risk tolerance, savings, retirement income requirements, and much more to deliver a truly holistic recommendation that changes automatically for your client over time.
They represent a great marriage between their trusted financial advisor and today’s best technology to deliver scale and efficiency. Attract new clients and deliver a truly personalized experience."

-Jeff Zoebell, CEO of ABG Rocky Mountain

Visit our managed accounts webpage to learn more!

7. 401K Sales Champion

We aren’t born champions. We are refined into champions through hard work, training, and guidance from the experts.

The 401(k) Sales Champion Workshop discusses best practices to grow and improve your 401(k) business covering 109 topics via 36 video segments, supported by 30 E-Tools all catalogued within a 7 step process to acquire and retain your plans.

This course is perfect for advisors who are new to the industry and looking to improve their conversations with clients. It is also a great resource for established advisors looking to polish their sales process.

"401(k) Sales Champion is designed to help an advisor gain an understanding of the defined contribution industry and provides information for them to be able to sufficiently service a retirement plan. We’ve helped several advisors, new to the retirement industry, use this tool to build a healthy book of business with the information provided on 401(k) Sales Champion."

- Fran Mulgrew, Director of Business Development at ABGRM

If you are interested in building your book of business, contact a member of our sales team to request a free login!