A Benefits Solution That’s So Easy It Doesn’t Seem Right

ABG 401k Simplified allows employers to pool together their 401(k) Plans for scale, reducing barriers to offer an employer sponsored plan for their employees. This solution provides a high level of service and options that allows an employer to design the best solution to fit their organization without the high-level fees.


What We Know…

70% of American’s are living paycheck to paycheck and 64% of individuals can’t cover a $1,000 emergency without borrowing. The reality is, if the majority of American’s can’t afford to save, the thought of saving for retirement is almost unrealistic. That’s where we come in - ABG 401k Simplified lowers the barriers to entry, so employers can offer an opportunity for their employees to save.

For Employers who do not think they can afford to sponsor a plan or are worried about the time and resources it takes to offer a retirement plan, ABG 401k Simplified is the perfect fit.

The Problem Is...

When it comes to retirement plans, there is a lot of complexity around legislation, DOL & IRS regulations, and payroll concerns that can deter a lot of employers. While other solutions offer a “quality” solution, you’ll soon find out that the cost is more than you thought and the time and resources it takes to manage a retirement plan may be overwhelming.


Why ABG 401k Simplified Is The Solution

By enrolling in ABG 401k Simplified, it allows us to take all the responsibility of managing your plan off your plate. We complete the tax reporting, approve loans and distributions, and make sure your plan is run in compliance with all IRS & DOL regulations. All you need to do is send your contributions and payroll data timely.

Bonus: If you use one of the many payroll vendors ABG 401k Simplified is associated with then that is automatically done for you as well.

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How You Know You’re The Right Fit

  • Small Business’ who don’t have the time or resources to manage a 401(k)
  • Employers who are hesitant to take on the fiduciary liability of running a plan
  • Employers that can submit employee contributions timely
  • Business’ who don’t want the burden of approving 401(k) loans, distributions, or hardships
  • Startup companies who want to offer the benefit to their employees but are focused on business growth
  • Existing plans that don’t want the liability of being a trustee on their plan
  • Companies who use one of the many payroll providers ABG has integration with
  • Advisors who have a service model of being the plan consultant but don’t want the 3(38) liability
  • Advisors who want access to CIT’s and Morningstar managed accounts that may not otherwise be available

Growth Is Continuous

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